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Most businesses desire to have their products shipped using ocean freight to save cost.  Global Nexus will work closely with you to maximize shipping efficiency and ease of loading and unloading shipping containers.  This includes advice on how to best package your products to withstand shipment in harsh weather conditions. Our team’s experience with shipping routes and relationships with port authorities and leading freight forwarders result in on-time delivery of your products.

Ocean Shipments

The cost-effective and timely delivery of your orders is a critical aspect of supply chain efficiency. Global Nexus’ bilingual project managers work with factory sources and freight forwarders to maximize container-loading efficiency and identify the most rapid and cost-effective shipping route and modes. They also coordinate timely pick-up and shipment of completed orders, efficiently clear customs, and coordinate in-land freight to the final destination, the aspect of supply chain efficiency. 

Air Shipments

Although most businesses generally prefer the lower cost of ocean shipments, Global Nexus can arrange air shipments to meet urgent delivery deadlines. Our experience arranging air shipments typically helps your business conserve cost and reduce risk.


Global Nexus can also arrange for the consolidation of your orders from multiple factories at one location prior to shipment from the country of origin. Consolidated shipments reduce shipping costs and often allow you to enhance inventory turns.

Preferred Shipping Rates

Due to the high volume of freight managed by Global Nexus, we are able to obtain discounted shipping rates for your business by annually aggregating your needs with those of our other clients and submitting them to freight forwarders for a quotation. Typically, you realize lower shipping rates by working with Global Nexus than you could obtain on their own.

Flexible Payment Planning

Since Global Nexus’ business is highly sought after by our freight forwarding partners, they are responsive to you and the needs of your business. On the strength of our relationships we are able to better manage port delays or peak shipping periods, for example, during the weeks leading up to Chinese New Year.


Global Nexus’ experienced staff have cultivated close and professional relationships with our freight forwarding partners. This allows us to efficiently solve any problems that may occur.

Cargo Ship at the Port
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