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Medical device manufacturers are under increased pressure to reduce the cost of their products. This is driven by policy reforms in addition to lower-cost competition from companies that are already sourcing products overseas. Global Nexus understands this pressure and offers sophisticated, offshore manufacturing solutions designed for the medical device sector. We understand the need for device manufacturers to work with ISO certified and FDA registrant factories that can produce FDA certified products. 

We also understand the strict quality, packaging, and labeling requirements applicable to medical products. In addition, we understand your need to be able to track manufacturing lot numbers to maximize compliance while reducing risk.


Global Nexus has assisted a leading medical device manufacturer in the production of leg pressure devices designed to prevent deep venous thrombosis. Global Nexus’ ability to identify quality factory sources, train them to make the product, negotiate pricing, assure quality and on-time delivery of the products resulted in major cost savings for this customer.

Leg Injury
Image by philippe spitalier
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