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Quality Control

Quality control is perhaps the most challenging aspect of offshore manufacturing. On the strength of its experienced team and foreign offices that allow ready access to factory sources, Global Nexus consistently offers your business high product quality. We employ a comprehensive strategy designed to have multiple checkpoints. This begins with factory selection and runs right through your rights for redress if a quality problem should occur.

Rigorous Factory Selection

Global Nexus understands that quality factories make quality products. The factories we recommend are typically ISO certified and make products for leading brands.

In-person Factory Audits

Any factory recommended by Global Nexus must pass a rigorous in-person audit by our team. We assess the factory’s financial strength, size, laboratory testing equipment (if applicable), internal quality control procedures, manufacturing capabilities, working conditions and, in some cases, the suppliers they use.

Onsite Quality Control

It is important to conduct quality-control inspections as soon as possible, as this catches any problems early on and allows time for them to be corrected. With this in mind, Global Nexus works closely with you to develop quality control procedures appropriate for your products. Global Nexus inspects materials used by its factories and conducts quality control inspections during actual production. We also conduct an additional inspection prior to shipment, with our team issuing a quality control inspection certificate with each order shipped.

Assurance of Post-Shipment Remedies

Global Nexus negotiates payment terms and legal protections that give your business maximum leverage should a quality problem arise after an order is shipped or received. We have  a reputation for demanding high quality. Offshore factories know that Global Nexus will protect you and your business interests.

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